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УThe Streets of LaredoФ (Traditional Cowboy Song)

УThe Streets of LaredoФ (Traditional Cowboy Song)

Additional lyrics:

It was once in the saddle I used to go dashing,
It was once in the saddle I used to go gay.
First to the dram-house and then to the card-house,
Got shot in the breast and IТm dying today.

Get six jolly cowboys to carry my coffin,
Get six pretty maidens to bear up my pall.
Put bunches of roses all over my coffin,
Put roses to deaden the sods as they fall.

We beat the drum slowly and played the fife lowly,
And bitterly we wept as we bore him along.
For we all loved our comrade, so brave, young and handsome,
We all loved our comrade although heТd done wrong.

When playing from the tablature, let the second chord in each measure ring through. The correct timing would be:

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