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To tune your guitar, you need a pitch reference. A tuning fork or pitch pipe can be used as a reference. If you buy a tuning fork (the more accurate pitch), be sure it is an E forkЧnot A, which is the more common type. The E note will give you the pitch for your first string.

Tuning to the Piano

Another good way to tune is by using a piano. If your piano is in tune, you can simply play each note and quickly tune the corresponding string.

Tuning to the piano

Tuning to the piano

Relative Tuning

With your first string in tune, it is possible to tune the rest of the guitar string by string. HereТs how:

  • Put a left-hand finger just behind the fifth fret of the second string and sound the string with any right-hand finger. It should sound the same as the first string open (i.e., with no frets used). If it doesnТt, tighten or loosen it until it does.
  • With the top two strings now in tune, put a finger behind the fourth fret of the third string. When you play it should sound the same as the second string. If it doesnТt, tighten or loosen as above.
  • With the top three strings in tune, place a finger behind the fifth fret of the fourth string. Adjust it to sound like the third string.
  • With the top four strings in tune, place a finger behind the fifth fret of the fifth string, and align it to the fourth string.
  • Finally, place a finger behind the fifth fret of the bottom string and tune it to the fifth string. ThatТs all there is to it.

Tuning seems tricky at first but it comes with practice. In general donТt be too delicate in turning the tuning keysЧa very small increment wonТt make any difference. Sometimes it is easier to off-tune by an easily audible amount and then come back.

Electronic Tuning

Tuning can also be made almost foolproof with electronic tuning machines, in which either a meter or colored lights tell you when youТre in tune. The cost of these is naturally higher than that of tuning forks or pitch pipes, but they are accurate and easy. The best kind allow you to play a note and then watch a needle that shows whether youТre sharp or flat.

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