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The Rasgueo

The Rasgueo

Downward Rasgueo

Now we come the rasgueo itself. Instead of just the index finger we are going to do a downstroke with the three fingers a, m, and i.

As you strike the strings, try to make distinct sounds—it is not a miscellaneous scrape but three separate events.

To make this clear, first count this line to feel the rhythm:

The fingers go down in succession

It is easier sometimes to make word syllables like this that express the rhythm.

The next step is to prepare the left hand with a complete E chord, and to play the downstrokes for each finger as indicated.

I have not included arrows because all strokes are downward.

Notice that the three fingers moving down time with the “ta-ta tum.” The other chords are simple downstrokes.

Developing the Fingers

It is important to practice the rasgueo pattern extensively. At first the fingers will tend to scrape down together, because the ring finger, a, doesn’t want to separate from the middle finger. Then, with practice, it becomes possible to get three clear sounds.

To unlock the ring finger, there is an excellent exercise for developing dexterity and independence.

  • In a sitting position, place your right hand above your right knee. Make a fist.
  • Flick out the little finger.
  • Now flick out the ring finger. This is the hard one.
  • Finally flick out the middle and then the index fingers.

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